Have I Told You All How Much I Love GNOWFGLINS eCourses? Right now I am going through the Sourdough eCourse and LOVE it. I’ve already made several treats using my homemade Honduran sourdough starter. I am so much more confident now baking with sourdough that I look back and laugh at myself… Continue Reading GNOWFGLINS Lacto-Fermentation eCourse

Remember my post a while back about our new favorite snack? Those crunchy, delicious little balls that are so healthy & addictive?!Well, my girls and I had this crazy idea to pour some roasted chickpeas in a bowl and try it with some milk… After one bite, we were hooked.… Continue Reading Possibly World's First: Homemade Crunchy {grain-free} Roasted Chickpea Cereal!

Hello gals! Sorry that I have been absent the last several weeks, but it has been nice to put aside my computer and enjoy serious family time. We are now settled in my parents’ house and awaiting the arrival of baby cuatro! I should post a picture of my belly…… Continue Reading Pregnancy Notes: Treating Group B Strep Naturally

I spend most of yesterday filling up 6 suitcases & 5 carry-ons full of freshly roasted coffee (want to buy some?!), handmade products from our trade school, gifts for our supporters, random things and in the midst of all those stuff… our clothes. How often do you find yourself going… Continue Reading How to Pack Your Kids' Clothes & Keep it Organized

Okay, call me crazy if you want… it is 12:00 am and while I am typing up this post… I am in the middle of making a quadruple batch of these amazing Sourdough English Muffins! They are SO SO good! Thankfully, I don’t do late night baking often. Only when I… Continue Reading Sourdough Journal #9: Sourdough English Muffins

With the 4th of July just around the corner and a hot summer ahead, this is great timing to share my yummy watermelon drink.Agua de sandia is an ‘agua fresca’ made in Latin America, but with LOTS of sugar. If you have visited Mexico or any Latin American country or… Continue Reading Agua de Sandia {a refreshing watermelon drink}

“Years of Nazi occupation have stolen much from Brigitte Durand.Family. Freedom. Hope for a future, especially for a woman with a past like hers.But that changes the day American fighter pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down over occupied France. Picked up by the Resistance, Tom becomes the linchpin in their… Continue Reading Tyndale Book Review: Flame of Resistance

Note from Ema: During the months of September and October you will be seeing several good blogger friends to do guest posts  for me on Just Making Noise. This is totally a blessing and a way to keep things going here while my family and I are on our furlough. Today is… Continue Reading Real Food Compromises {On the Mission Field and in Your Hometown}